At what temp does PLA become malleable?

At 60°C, it’s high enough to allow the baking PLA to soften and become amorphous, releasing some of the stress caused by printing and allow the polymer strands to rearrange. It is also low enough that the PLA will not melt and flow, losing its shape.

Can you bend PLA with heat?

With a blow torch you can heat objects that are not too thick and then bend them. Keep the heat source fairly far away and heat PLA and ABS plastic to maybe about 60 degrees. You then you can adjust somewhat its shape. Hot air pistols are the best bet.

Can you boil PLA filament?

Fix Warped PLA Prints with Hot Water

Will PLA melt in a garage?

Even PLA requires some kind of heat regulation even though it’s a lower temperature printing material. It would be a little too expensive to heat up your whole garage constantly. David Gerwitz from ZDNet found that PLA doesn’t print well at temperatures under 59°F (15°C).

Can you leave PLA in a car?

Most PLA filaments start to deform at 40-45o C. On a sunny day, depending on the outdoor temperature, A car cabin may heat up to 60o C. So in most cases, PLA prints will melt in a car. However, you can increase the glass transition temperature by annealing the part.


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