Can PETG handle heat?

For PETG, the suitable temperature is about 90-110 °C (194-230 °F). In this range, neither the warping or dimensional changes are too significant. At higher temperatures, PETG deforms gradually, up to 170 °C (338 °F), when it melts just like the PLA.

How hot can PETG withstand?

Temperature Resistance – While most PETGs can withstand temperatures of up to around 80 °C, ABS can go until 100 °C. The margin is small enough that PETG will last in most electronics applications, but only ABS will survive boiling water. This is especially useful if you need to sterilize your print.

How much is a cooling fan for PETG?

For most prints, using a fan speed of 30–60% should suffice to prevent issues like oozing and stringing. However, only use the fan after the first few layers of the printing, as this will help to prevent warping, and remember that too high a fan speed will prevent interlayer bonding and result in a weaker PETG part.

Is PETG plastic heat resistant?

PET-G (polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified) is a commonly used thermoplastic 3D printing filament. It has a good balance of tensile strength and elongation, while also being water, heat, and chemical-resistant.

How hot can PETG get before melting?

PETG 3D printer filaments have a melting point of about 260°C. The glass transition temperature of PETG ranges from 80-95°C which makes it more efficient in facing the hot climate and extreme temperature as compared to other filaments.


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