Can Sidewinder X2 print PETG?

The Sidewinder X2 pushed out some prints that were really quite impressive. High detail, no zits, really fast. Our Benchy printed nearly perfect in both PLA and PETG.

Is the Sidewinder X2 worth it?

The Artillery Sidewinder X2 is an excellent option for those who like 3D printing. It offers a good printing area, improved hot bed, and direct extrusion to produce the best prints. It’s one of the best machines that offer balance between print quality, accessibility, and functionality.

Who makes artillery Sidewinder X1?

Artillery, a Shenzhen-based 3D printer manufacturer (that also appears to market its printers under the Evnovo brand) leads its lineup with the Artillery Sidewinder X1, a large desktop 3D printer, that boasts topline features such as a sturdy chassis, direct drive extruder system, and a big, fast-heating print bed.

Can you print PETG with supports?

Using PETG as Support Material for 3D Printing PLA – YouTube

What do I need to print PETG?

  1. Bed. Temperature: 75-90 °C. Heated Bed Recommended. Enclosure Not Required.
  2. Build Surface. Glue Stick. Painter’s tape.
  3. Extruder. Temperature: 230-250 °C. No special hot-end required.
  4. Cooling. Part Cooling Fan Required.

What temp is best for PETG?

PETG has a higher melting point than PLA and so, it is recommended that the extruder temperature is set somewhere between 210 and 250 degrees Celsius. It is important to ensure that the build plate temperature is set between 80 and 100 degrees Celsius.

Can the Ender 5 print PETG?

So, can Ender 5 print PETG? Yes, it can. Printing PETG requires a hot end at 250o C and a heated bed at 80o C.


Artillery Sidewinder X2 Review

The Artillery Sidewinder X2 is not a Magic Missile (but it’s pretty FAST).

Artillery Sidewinder X2 – the big direct extruder with ABL sensor in my review

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