Can you polish 3D printed metal?

Polishing 3D Printed Metal – Marble Machine X #97

How do you polish metal filaments?

How to polish copperFill & bronzeFill filament

How do you oxidize copper PLA?

Tutorial — Oxidizing Metal-Infused 3D Prints

Can you polish 3D printed resin?

Sand With Wet Fine Grit Sandpaper – This works to offer a significant polished and smooth feel to your resin 3D print. You can work your way up to higher grits of sandpaper to get an even cleaner polished look.

How do you polish resin miniatures?

Cleaning Your Resin Miniatures

How do I get shiny ABS?

With that, I used two-three fluid ounces of acetone. Depending on the size of your project, you should probably use more or less. After you poured it, turn the can on its side and roll it to soak as much of the cloth or paper towel as possible. Doing this creates just enough vapor to make your object shine.


Polishing 3D Printed Metal – Marble Machine X #97

Polishing 3D Printed Metal Filament (Virtual Foundry Bronze)

Polishing 3D Printed Bronze w/ Rock Tumbler & Steel Pins

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