Does Material Jetting require post processing?

Material Jetting is regularly used as a method of producing low run injection molds. The high degree of accuracy and smooth surface mean that the molds require very little post processing and are a cost effective solution for production runs less than 100 parts.

What are the characteristics of Material Jetting?

Material jetting can produce smooth parts with surfaces comparable to injection molding and very high dimensional accuracy. Parts created with Material Jetting have homogeneous mechanical and thermal properties. The multi-material capabilities of MJ enables the creation of accurate visual and haptic prototypes.

Does Material Jetting require supports?

Support structures: Although Material Jetting requires support structures, these can be easily dissolved in an ultrasonic bath.

What are the limitations of additive manufacturing process?

  • Cost of entry. With additive manufacturing, the cost of entry is still prohibitive to many organisations and, in particular, smaller businesses.
  • Production costs. Production costs are high.
  • Additional materials.
  • It’s slow.
  • Post-processing.

What are the advantages and limitations of AM process?

  • Part Cost. Metal additive manufacturing has its benefits in cost when you need a run of 1-100 prototypes.
  • Surface Finish.
  • Dimensional Control.
  • No Custom Alloying.
  • It’s Slow and Has Size Limitations.

Which are the process categories defined by ASTM for additive manufacturing?

ASTM F2792-12a generically defines seven process classifications for additive manufacturing, specifically Binder Jetting, Directed Energy Deposition, Material Extrusion, Material Jetting, Powder Bed Fusion, Sheet Lamination, and Vat Photopolymerization.

What are benefits of AM?

  • The Cost Of Entry Continues to Fall.
  • You’ll Save on Material Waste and Energy.
  • Prototyping Costs Much Less.
  • Small Production Runs Often Prove Faster and Less Expensive.
  • You Don’t Need as Much On-Hand Inventory.
  • It’s Easier to Recreate and Optimize Legacy Parts.


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