Does PLA become brittle after printing?

Often, PLA filaments’ complaints getting brittle arise when they are left idle for a few months. But there are also instances when a spool of PLA broke quickly after being used for just a few weeks.

How do you strengthen PLA after printing?

Heat the oven to 70 °C and maintain that temperature for at least 30 minutes. Place your 3D printed parts on an oven-safe surface and put them inside. Immediately turn off the oven and any heating element inside it. Leave your prints in the oven until it has cooled down.

Will PLA melt in boiling water?

Hot water and PLA

Why is my PLA snapping?

Why does PLA filament get brittle and snap? PLA filament snaps because of three main reasons. Over time, it can absorb moisture which causes it to reduce flexibility, from the mechanical stress of being curled up on a spool, then straightened out with pressure and generally low quality PLA filament.

Why do my 3D prints break so easily?

Print speed is too fast and the wall thickness is too thin – A 0.4 mm crack is easy to tear, but 1.2 mm is not so easy. If it is cold in winter, the wall is too thin. Thickness is more easily split.

How do you know if PLA filament is bad?

How to Tell If PLA Filament Has Gone Bad? Moisture absorbed PLA filament will present with certain features that will tell you immediately that something is wrong. 3D printer damage, weaker 3D prints, and poor 3D print quality are the three main features of an expired PLA filament.


Can you leave 3D Prints outside? PLA in the sun for a year!

3D Printing Brittle Prints

Why Does My PLA Filament Keep Breaking?

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