How big can resin printers print?

But you can go even larger. The Peopoly Phenom XXL resin 3D printer prints up to 527 x 296 x 550 mm resin models, which Peopoly highlights as being 4x bigger than Formlabs Form 3L.

What is the biggest resin printer you can buy?

The Liquid Crystal Magna is the largest resin 3D printer in its price range, with a 23.8-inch 4K Ultra HD LCD masking screen.

What are resin printers used for?

Stereolithography/digital light processing (SLA/DLP) printers are, essentially, 3D printers that print using light to cure liquid resin into layers. The cheaper versions use an LCD to shine a UV image into the resin, which cures it into a solid layer.

How big is the Peopoly phenom?

With a build volume of 276mm x 155mm x 400mm, 4K high-resolution projection, and an advanced resin vat system that minimizes peel force, the Phenom is truly the wunderkind of the resin printing world.

How big can resin 3D print?

Anycubic’s large-sized resin 3D printer, the Photon Mono X, sports a build volume of 192 x 120 x 245 mm, a monochrome LCD, a powerful matrix light source that allows for printing speeds up to 60mm/h, and a 4K resolution panel that gives an accuracy (XY) of 50 microns.

How much can you print with a liter of resin?

One liter of resin could produce about 90 rooks! PreForm estimates how much resin the model will use before your start each print.

How much resin should I put in the VAT?

You should pour about 125ml in. It has to be about a quarter up from the FEP, up to the line where the chamfer starts in the vat. Do not exceed the line, if there is too much resin, it will rise from displacement and cause a spill. Also it can get into the screws and ball joint of your build plate.


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