How big can the Elegoo Mars print?

ELEGOO Resin 3D Printer Mars 2 Pro Mono MSLA 3D Printer UV Photocuring LCD Resin 3D Printer with 6.08 inch 2K Monochrome LCD, Printing Size 129x80x160mm/5.1×3.

How big can the Mars 2 Pro print?

The Mars 2 Pro is a budget resin 3D printer produced by ELEGOO. ELEGOO is a 3D printer manufacturer based in China. The ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro uses LCD 3D printing technology. This 3D printer offers a build volume of 129 x 80 x 160 mm.

What software does the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro use?

Included in the Box of Elegoo Mars 2 Pro – The USB drive contains a digital version of the user manual, a test print, and the Chitubox slicing software used by the machine.

Does the Elegoo Mars 3 have a filter?

The Mars 2 Pro has an activated carbon filter embedded in the base of the printer. The Mars 3 does not. This is, in our opinion, a cynical decision on Elegoo’s part.

Is the Elegoo Mars any good?

The Elegoo Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer is an excellent printer for the price. It looks nice, performs well, and doesn’t take up much space on a workbench. The quality you get out of this machine compared to similar printers is more than noteworthy.

Can I use Anycubic resin in Elegoo Mars?

They are all compatible with the two presented resins. Whether you choose Elegoo or Anycubic resin is up to you. Both are very stable and deliver good print quality. With the right storage, you will have something of the big 1000 ml bottles for a very long time.


How much can you print with 1 bottle of resin?

Elegoo Mars – Resin 3D Printer – Unbox & Setup

An (almost) perfect resin printing setup with one giant problem

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