How big is Elegoo Jupiter?

Machine Footprint19.61” x 14.09” x 29.53” (498mm x 358mm x 750mm)
Build Volume10.94” x 6.15” x 11.8” (277.848mm x 156.264mm x 300mm)
ResinDLP Photopolymer Resin
UV Light405nm UV LED
Masking LCD Resolution5448 x 3064 px

How big is Elegoo Mars?

Machine Footprint8.93″ x 8.93″ x 17.28″ (22.7cm x 22.7cm x 43.85cm)
Masking LCD Resolution4098 x 2560
Masking LCD Size6.6-inch
Interface3.5-inch LCD Touchscreen
XY Axis Resolution.035mm

What is the best size 3D printer?

With the average printing bed size of a 3D printer intended for general use being around 150–300mm, if you wanted to scale up the size of your 3D creations, a printer of 350mm–500mm would be ideal, and luckily, there are a few worthy large-scale models available on the market for you to choose from.

Is Elegoo a good 3D printer brand?

The Elegoo Mars is a remarkable 3D printer. Offering a simple, forgiving, and rewarding 3D printing experience at a combative price point, it achieves more than many of its contemporaries by doing less. Expect high-quality prints and little effort to get them.

How big are resin printers?

BrandProductBuild size
PeopolyPhenom L345 × 194 × 400 mm
PeopolyPhenom XXL527 × 296 × 550 mm
FormlabsForm 3L336 × 200 × 300 mm
PhotocentricLiquid Crystal Magna510 × 280 × 350 mm

What does Elegoo Jupiter weigh?

ABOUT JUPITER MACHINE: 1. What is the weight of Jupiter? 40kg+, but we are working on optimizing the structure of the machine.


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