How do I install multiple instances of OctoPrint?

Octoprint – Multi Instance Install – Octopi 0.17 – Part 2 of 3

How do you create a multiple OctoPrint?

OctoPi 0.18 – Multi Printers & Cameras On 1 Pi – Chris’s Basement

Can you use OctoPrint without a Raspberry Pi?

I want to know if I can use octoprint without using respberry Pi. Yes, Octoprint can be installed on a wide variety of devices and OSes – all it needs is a compatible python environment.

Can you have two cameras on OctoPrint?

USB Bus Capacity – You might max out with 2 webcams, if you do on Linux you will receive a no space left on device error if you are using all the bandwidth on the bus when setting up the second camera. USB 3.0 offers a greater bandwidth so you will probably have better results if the device has USB 3.0.

How do I add a second camera to OctoPrint?

If you are not sure, just restart the raspberry. In OctoPrint, add the “MultiCam” plugin. Then go to its configuration and add another camera with URL “/usbcam/? action=stream”.

How do you install OctoPod?

  1. Download and install this plugin as you would do with any other OctoPrint plugin.
  2. Download OctoPod from the App Store.
  3. Start OctoPod so it can receive notifications. This step is required for testing the plugin.
  4. Go to OctoPrint settings and configure this plugin.


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