How do I print directly from Ultimaker Cura?

  1. Configure your setup. The second button in the stage menu contains the printer selection panel.
  2. Print settings.
  3. Slice and preview.
  4. Print the file.

How do I print from 3D to Cura?

How to 3D Print with Cura over USB! – Beginner’s Guide

How do you print in Ultimaker?

  1. Place the SD card in your computer.
  2. Slice your 3D model in Cura.
  3. Save the print file (.
  4. Eject the SD card in Cura and remove it from your computer.
  5. Place the SD card in the Ultimaker 2+ (front side, next to the display)
  6. Go to “Print” and select the file you want to print.

How do I connect Ultimaker to my computer?

  1. Wait until your printer has created a Wi-Fi hotspot. This may take a minute.
  2. Use a computer or smartphone to connect to the printer.
  3. A pop-up will appear on the display of your computer or smartphone.
  4. Wait until the Wi-Fi setup is finished.

What are print head settings in Cura?

Generally speaking, the printhead settings give the slicer measurements for the physical size of the printing head. This means the slicer knows how much of a buffer to allow when planning the printing path of a model, particularly if you’re printing multiple models one at a time.


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