How do I use Prusa Slic3r?

PrusaSlicer: An In-Depth Walkthrough from Install to Print

How do I use Slic3r software?

3D Printing 101 – How to use Slic3r

Is Slic3r still in development?

The last stable release of Alessandro Ranelluci’s Slic3r is version 1.3. 0 from May 2018. Even though there haven’t been any newer stable releases, Slic3r lives on (through “automated development builds”) even three years later.

How do I download Slic3r on Mac?

Slic3r can be downloaded directly from: or Pre-compiled packages are available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Windows users can choose between 32 and 64 bit versions to match their system.

How do I format my Prusa SD card?

Locate your USB drive or SD card in my computer, right-click, and choose format. A new small window will pop up. Most of the time you can simply leave everything to default, but the most important thing is that the File System is set to FAT32.

Can I print from Slic3r?

At this stage Slic3r has been configured and a model has been acquired, sliced and made ready for print.

How do I split STL files in Prusa?

PrusaSlicer can automatically identify multiple shells inside a single file and split them into separate models. Select the model you wish to split and click either on Split to objects or Split to parts in the top toolbar.


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PrusaSlicer: An In-Depth Walkthrough from Install to Print

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