How do I use Super 3D pen mynt3d?

Making 3D Pen Sphericons with the Mynt3D Super 3D Pen

Why is my MYNT3D pen not working?

Make sure you are pressing the feed button to begin heating. Make sure the power cable is connected securely and the display is on. If the display does not turn on, try an alternate AC to USB adapter if available. If heating mode begins but current temperature does not rise, replace the nozzle.

What can I make with my 3D pen?

Design & Personalize – These powerful little pens can be used to spruce up your pad, or add some flare to your next big project. Take a boring bookend and transform it into something fun, make your own coasters, or Doodle an entire vase! Personalizing objects is a great way to give new life to them.

Do you use a 3D pen on paper?

Think of the 3Doodler like a pen. In order for the “ink” to hit the paper, the tip of the pen must touch the paper. We recommend creating an “anchor” with the filament by pressing down into the paper until you can see a little blob, making sure the plastic is anchored to the paper.


MYNT3D 3D Pen TIPS and Troubleshooting

Super 3D Pen

MYNT3D Proper Procedures for Putting Away Your 3D pen

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