How do you extrude the Ender 3 V2 filament?

  1. Heat up the nozzle to the printing temperature of the newly loaded filament.
  2. Once the nozzle is heated properly, push down on the idler arm so that the filament is no longer being stopped by the extruder gear and manually push it down the PTFE tube and into the nozzle.

How do you extrude in Ender 3 Pro?

Once the hotend is preheated, bring up the menu again and this time go to Prepare -> Move Axis -> Move 1mm -> Extruder. Turn the knob to the right until you reach our desired value of 100mm, then wait until it has finished extruding the filament.

How do you change PLA on Ender 3 v2?

How to change filament [ Ender 3 V2 ]

How do you fix a filament that won’t come out?

If your filament is not feeding properly, you should reduce retraction settings, check your PTFE tube for clogs or damage near the ends, unclog your nozzle, check the teeth on your extruder for wear, adjust idler pressure on your feeder gear and check your extruder motor for instability.

Why is my extruder not working?

Sometimes the extruder motor can start to skip or vibrate because of incorrect connection. At first, check if the extruder motor cable is properly connected to the PCB. Check the extruder cable for proper connection as well. In order to do that, remove the extruder top cover and check if the cables are plugged in.


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