How do you select extruder in FlashPrint?

Select the “File” dropdown menu 3. Once in the “File” dropdown menu, select preferences. 4. Under the “Print” tab, select the “Preferred Extruder” dropdown menu, and select your preferred extruder.

How do you use the left extruder in Flashforge?

Go Help > Configuration Assistant, and select the FlashForge so you have the S3D profile. Then Hit Edit Process Settings and in the top right for extruders, select left.

How do I change the nozzle in Flashforge Creator 3?

Replacing Nozzles on the Flashforge Creator Pro

How do I print a left extruder Flashprint?

You MUST click with the mouse near an edge to select one of the 2 STLs which will now highlight an alternate color. You must then go on the LEFT side of the Flashprint window and select extruder, that menu opens and choose LEFT extruder (because STLS default to the right extruder).

What is a Flash print?

Flashing is kind of like that coat of white paint or that bleached hair. We first print a white layer in the shape of your design before printing your desired color(s). This white paint or “flash” helps prevent peeling and fading of your design. We don’t do this for all screen print orders though.

How do you use dual extruders Flashprint?

Dual colour printing with Flashforge and Flashprint

How do I enable supports in FlashPrint?

TUTORIAL: Tree Supports in FlashPrint for SLA & DLP Printing.

How do you print Flashforge adventurer 3?

Learning to 3D Print with the Adventurer 3 by FlashForge


Using the Flashforge Creator Pro 3D Printers – BASICS

Using FlashPrint 5 for Flashforge Finder 3D Printers

Flashprint Basics

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