How do you use Anycubic wash and cure?

ANYCUBIC wash & cure machine: Streamline your resin 3d printing …

How do you use Anycubic wash and cure station?

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What is 3D printer wash and cure?

Stereolithography, or SLA 3D printing, can be pretty messy. When working with resin, a wash and cure station drastically simplifies post-processing. Since you’ll need to first rinse off, then harden resin 3D prints, a wash and cure station is a must-own. It’s far easier to clean and fully cure your resin prints.

How does the Anycubic wash and cure work?

The button on the front switches the unit from wash mode to cure mode, which reduces the turntable speed and activates the lights. All you need to do is put the model in and replace the lid, and your print will start curing.

What does a wash and cure station do?

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What does curing mean in resin?

Mixing epoxy resin and hardener begins a chemical reaction that transforms the combined liquid ingredients to a solid. The time it takes for this chemical transformation from liquid to solid is called cure time. As it cures, the epoxy passes from the liquid state, through a gel state, before it reaches a solid state.


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