How do you use wash and cure Anycubic?

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How does wash and cure work?

The button on the front switches the unit from wash mode to cure mode, which reduces the turntable speed and activates the lights. All you need to do is put the model in and replace the lid, and your print will start curing.

How much alcohol do you need for Anycubic wash and cure?

① The concentration of alcohol used for washing is not high enough. Wash with more than 95% alcohol. ② Curing is performed immediately after the model is washed. It needs to wait for the model to air dry before putting it into the machine for curing.

How do you wash and cure prints?

Dip an old toothbrush in clean isopropyl alcohol and gently brush detailed areas of the print where resin may cling. 11. Place the model in the second container of isopropyl alcohol, replace the lid and gently agitate.

Do you need a wash and cure machine for SLA?

Stereolithography, or SLA 3D printing, can be pretty messy. When working with resin, a wash and cure station drastically simplifies post-processing. Since you’ll need to first rinse off, then harden resin 3D prints, a wash and cure station is a must-own. It’s far easier to clean and fully cure your resin prints.


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