How fast should a 3D printer print?

A good print speed for 3D printing ranges from 40mm/s to 100mm/s, with 60 mm/s being the recommended. The best printing speed for quality tends to be in the lower ranges, but at the cost of time.

What is considered fast for a 3D printer?

Currently, there are generally three sets of printing speed that 3D printers can support. The first set is has been grouped at around 40 to 50mm/s, while the second set prints at about 80-100mm/s. Meanwhile, the fastest set prints at around 150mm/s. Some printers may even print at a speed faster than 150 mm/s.s.

How fast are professional 3D printers?

Delta 3D printers are known for their speed, and are the fastest FDM 3D printers in the world. The WASP 2040 PRO Turbo is a delta printer that is not only incredibly fast – at up to a recommend 500mm/s – but is also extremely accurate for an FDM printer.

What is a good speed for PLA?

The best speed & temperature for PLA depends on what type of PLA you are using and what 3D printer you have, but generally you want to use a speed of 60mm/s, a nozzle temperature of 210°C and a heated bed temperature of 60°C. Brands of PLA have their recommended temperature settings on the spool.

What is feed rate 3D printer?

Feed rate is measured in mm³/s (cubic millimeters per second). It’s a volumetric measure of exactly how much plastic is extruded per second from your extruder. The feed rate of a filament limits the speed at which you can extrude the filament, It’s based on how fast the filament can physically melt in your hotend.


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