How good is the Elegoo Saturn?

TechRadar Verdict – For fans of larger figurines or those in need of larger prototypes for projects, the Elegoo Saturn is a sure win. Its larger print bed and 4K monochrome LCD screen allow users to print on a bigger scale, and at greater speeds, for a reasonable price.

How fast does a Elegoo Saturn print?

【Faster printing speed】Saturn 3D printer comes with an 8.9inch 4K Monochrome LCD with an HD resolution of 3840 x 2400, reducing the layer printing time to 1.5s-2s, which is 60% faster than Mars Pro yet still delivers outstanding printing results.

What resin does the Elegoo Saturn use?

Machine Footprint11.02″ x 9.44″ x 17.55″ (28cm x 24cm x 44.6cm)
ResinDLP Photopolymer Resin
UV Light405nm UV LED Matrix
Masking LCD Resolution3840 x 2400
Masking LCD Size8.9-inch

What files does the Elegoo Saturn use?

Product types:3D Printers
Supported operating systems:Windows (7+), Mac OS X (10.7+)
Interfaces:USB – Connection, LAN
Supported Formats (Slicer):STL, OBJ
Building platform :192 x 120 x 200 mm

Are resin printers faster?

The Short Answer. Simply put, SLA’s laser-based resin printing tends to be slower than FDM. The lasers have a very small surface area, so it takes more time to cover each layer. With FDM, you can usually print with much thicker layers and sparser infill, which reduces print times.


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