How long does it take for UV to cure resin prints?

Resin 3D prints generally take one to five minutes to fully cure under high UV light. But the curing time really depends on the size of your print and the curing method you use. Miniatures, for instance, take a minute while average-sized objects take three to five minutes to cure under UV light.

Does UV light make resin cure faster?

Short answer: UV light won’t affect the cure of non-UV resin. Strong UV may even discolor or degrade some types of non-UV resin. UV-curing resin works on a different mechanism. A one-part resin is stable until UV of a particular wavelength breaks down a component in the resin and causes it to cure.

Why is my UV resin not curing?

Like most UV resins it’ll be tacky after only curing for a few minutes. That’s normal since UV resins harden fast but take some time to fully cure. Just stick it in the sun for the day or under your lamp for 15+ minutes and no problems.

Can you put epoxy resin over UV resin?

Time saving hack! UV resin over your decal to immediately epoxy!!

How do you cover resin while curing?

The best way to protect your resined work while it cures is with a dust cover, like a cardboard box or a plastic container, that you can slip over top to protect your piece throughout the curing process.

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