How long does the Ender 3 Pro last?

With proper use and maintenance, an Ender 3 should last you at least 5 years of printing, up to 10+ years. Your 3D printer lifespan will depend on how well you maintain it and how often you use it. Regular cleaning, replacements and careful use of your 3D printer will maximize lifespan and 3D printing hours.

Is it OK to leave Ender 3 on overnight?

You should not leave your 3D printer unattended, since it poses various major hazards. There have been reported cases of printers catching on fire due to poor wiring or heated bed failures.

Can I sleep with my 3D printer on?

No, it’s not advised to put a 3D printer in your bedroom, unless you have a very good ventilation system with a HEPA filter. Your printer should be in an enclosed chamber, so particles don’t spread out easily.

How much does it cost to run an Ender 3 Pro?

The average cost of one kilowatt-hour across the US is 12 cents according to NPR, so a full 24 hours of running an Ender 3 would cost $0.35. If you ran your Ender 3 24 hours for the whole month, it would cost you around $11. The Ender 3 has a 360W power supply (24V DC at 15A.

How does 3D printing cost?

3D printing can cost anywhere from $3 up to thousands of dollars. It’s hard to get the exact cost of a 3D print without a 3D model. Factors such as material, model complexity, and labor affect the price of 3D printing. 3D printing services can sometimes cost more than an entry level 3D printer.


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