How Many Polygons Are Needed for 3D Printing?

Every 3D model that is intended for 3D printing should be completely manifold (watertight): every edge should be connected to exactly 2 polygons and the model must include no holes.

How many polygons are too many for 3D printing?

There is no maximum polygon count/amount of triangles for your 3D file. However, the maximum file size of a single 3D file you can upload to the website is 100 MB.

What video game character has the most polygons?

Kratos from God of War 2 (PS2) had 5,700 polygons for his entire body, 1,200 of those for the face and used five textures.

How thick should my walls be 3D printing?

A good minimum wall thickness for 3D printing PLA is 1.5 mm.

What is a good wall line count?

Wall thickness and wall line count

In general, a wall thickness of two or three times the line width is sufficient. A higher value will create a sturdier model and decreases the chance of leaks, while a lower value can significantly decrease the print time and filament costs.

What is the thinnest you can 3D print?

Too thin walls

When scaling down a model, it could happen that walls become too thin to be printed. Most 3D printers have a set nozzle size with a diameter of 0.4mm or 0.5mm. Although this works for most models, problems could arise when layers smaller than this nozzle size need to be printed.

What is Wall line count in 3D printing?

The wall line count in Cura defines how many lines are printed as the skin of the 3D print. The wall line count is calculated from the wall thickness and the wall line width. The setting is located in Cura under the wall thickness in the settings for the walls.

How do I know if I need Supports 3D print?

Overhangs and bridges are typically measured by angle, measured from the Z-axis above the overhang. For example, the letter T contains a 90-degree overhang, while the letter Y has a 45-degree overhang. If you spot severe overhangs in your model (above 60°), you probably need supports.

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