How thick should lithophanes be?

I recommend you start with a Maximum Size of 150 mm, a thickness of 3 mm, and 0 for the border. “Thinnest Layer” allows us to choose the smaller width of the image. Here, I advise you to set the width of your nozzle. I usually use 0,4 mm.

Do lithophanes need 100% infill?

We do not use 100% because this can increase the printing time significantly, try setting your infill percentage 100% and then 99% to see the significant time reduction you’ll get by setting the infill percentage to 99% instead of 100%, without the inside of the print not being solid anymore.

What filament is best for lithophane?

The best filament for 3D printing lithophanes is ERYONE White PLA, with many proven lithophanes to show. Lithophanes show up best when they are a very light color and PLA is a very easy filament to print with. Many people have used this filament with great results.

Can I print lithophane flat?

Perfectly 3D Print All Types of Lithophanes and then Add Colour

What orientation is lithophane?

Layer heights should be as small as possible to avoid visible vertical bands, and the lithophane should be printed in a vertical orientation, to avoid the print sagging due to a lack of support.


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