How to use Elegoo Mercury X?

Elegoo Mercury X Wash & Cure Station for Resin 3D Printers

Do you need a wash station for resin prints?

When working with resin, a wash and cure station drastically simplifies post-processing. Since you’ll need to first rinse off, then harden resin 3D prints, a wash and cure station is a must-own. It’s far easier to clean and fully cure your resin prints. But you’ll want the right hardware for the job.

Do you need a cure station for resin printer?

Curing is an important post-processing step for resin 3D printing. Buying or making your own curing station can help achieve consistently good results.

What do you put in a wash and cure station?

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Do you remove supports before curing?

You should remove supports from resin 3D prints before curing because uncured resin plastic is a lot softer than cured resin plastic, making it easier to remove. Removing supports from cured prints is likely to leave more marks and break important parts of the model.

Why do you need to cure resin prints?

Curing or post-curing is important for the resin prints to make it look smooth and to avoid any reactions because the resin can be extremely toxic. Curing will make your print tougher, stronger, and more durable. Just like curing is essential, preventing your print from over curing is necessary as well.

What UV light cures resin?

Instead, this resin is ready to use and will cure within just a matter of minutes when exposed to 36 W UV light or even sunlight. The resin will cure within 1 to 2 minutes when placed under a UV torch, within 15 minutes in direct sunlight, and within one hour on a cloudy day.

How long to wash Anycubic wash and cure?

We fill the reservoir with IPA and pop the print into the wash basket for 2 to 6 minutes depending on the size of the print. Once completed the print is removed to air dry for 10 minutes and placed on the turn table for 6 minutes of UV curing.


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