Is Creality filament any good?

Nowadays, it may not be as popular as PLA and PETG, but it’s still a great material if you need prints to be strong, durable, and resistant. Creality says that its ABS formula is improved over ordinary ABS, especially when it comes to cracking, warping, and peeling.

What is CR PLA filament?

Creality CR-PLA filaments are made from high-quality raw materials and are ideal for FDM 3D printers.

Do I use a fan with PETG?

PETG will print quite nicely without fans. Unlike other materials that require fans during printing, PETG actually does better without them. If you notice cracks and delamination in your prints, turn off the fans because printing without them increases layer adhesion.

What is easier to print ABS or PETG?

For most people, there really isn’t a reason to choose ABS over PETG. PETG is stronger, more durable, and it prints better. It’s also available in transparent colors. ABS is only necessary if you absolutely need the 100 °C temperature resistance or its ability to be glued and painted.

How fast can I print with PETG?

The recommended speed for 3D printing with PETG is between 60 and 100 mm/s. When you print at a higher speed, it can have a negative effect on the quality of the 3D print. When you want a higher quality end result, you can decide to print a little slower, between 30 and 60mm/sec.

Is Creality safe to buy from?

I would advise never ordering from them. They run fake sales that seem limited but don’t actually lower the price.


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