Is PETG heat resistant?

The softening temperature or temperature resistance of PETG is 85 ºC, this is intermediate between the PLA and ABS.

What temperature can PETG handle?

Temperature Resistance – While most PETGs can withstand temperatures of up to around 80 °C, ABS can go until 100 °C. The margin is small enough that PETG will last in most electronics applications, but only ABS will survive boiling water. This is especially useful if you need to sterilize your print.

How does PETG hold up outside?

PETG and ASA are filaments for outdoor use – PETG and ASA are 3D printing materials for outdoor use and durable (hold over time). Both filaments are insensitive to changing temperatures and UV rays. They are perfect to use in extreme conditions without deforming shape or appearance.

How hot can PETG get before warping?

In warm regions, the cabin temperature of a car parked in the direct sunlight with cooling off can be as high as 70C. This can easily warp, deform or sag your PETG prints.

Can PETG be used in cars?

PETG is similar to PLA but has a higher glass transition temperature of up to 80o C. So in most cases, PETG doesn’t melt in a car. However, UV light can affect PETG, too, so you may consider painting it.

Is PETG safe to print indoors?

PETG does not emit harmful fumes. It is a recyclable thermoplastic that does not emit toxic gases or produce strong smells. This is because it’s made from 100% non-toxic materials.


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