Is the cr10s Pro V2 worth it?

Our Verdict. Claiming the Best Buy Award, the Creality CR-10S Pro V2 is our top recommendation for anyone looking for the most bang for the buck when it comes to 3D printing. It made some very high-quality prints for an FFF printer and is very easy to use.

What board is in cr10s Pro V2?

The board that’s installed in your machine appears to be the Creality v2. 4 / v2. 4.1 board, which is the correct board for your printer.

What board does the CR-10S use?

CR-10 Boards – (notice the small Atmel 1284p Chip): – 1.3” & “V1. 1.4” boards. These are the same as the V1. 1.2 just with a filter capacitor installed.

What materials can the CR-10S Pro V2 print?

This Product Creality 3D CR-10S Pro V2Creality 3D Ender 3 Pro
Heated BedYesYes
Build Plate MaterialAluminium build plate with an adhesive printing sheetAluminium build plate with a magnetic course plastic sticker
Maximum Bed Temperature110°C110°C
Compatible with Third-Party Materials?YesYes

Can a cr10s Pro V2 print TPU?

Yes, You Can Print TPU On A CR-10s With No Mods (Part 2)

How do you level cr10s Pro v2?

How I Bed Level The CR10S Pro V2 – YouTube

Is the CR-10S the same as CR-10 v2?

And both have the filament sensor and resume printing function. Yes, you can pretty much say that CR-10V2 is an upgraded of both CR-10 and CR-10S.

How do I stop TPU stringing?

  1. increase the retraction distance of the TPU filament.
  2. increase the retraction speed.
  3. minimize the nozzle temperature.
  4. reduce the printing speed.
  5. Slicer software Simplify3D.
  6. increase the traveling speed.
  7. flow rate at 100 percent.
  8. increase the fan speed.

Does TPU need cooling?

TPU filament needs cooling, but only when you’re printing at high speeds or a temperature higher than 482°F (250°C). Fans are not always necessary, and even when in use, a setting below 50% is enough to keep your material cool and adequately printable.

Does TPU need a dry box?

If you have nylon, polycarbonate, TPU, TPE, or PETG and the spool has been sitting out for more than a day or so, then you likely need to dry it. PLA and ABS are also susceptible, but it takes quite a bit longer for them to absorb enough water to cause major issues.

Is TPU hard to print?

TPU is more difficult to print compared to other filament materials, mainly due to its flexibility.

What is the newest CR-10?

CR-10CR-10 V3
Build volume300 x 300 x 400 mm300 x 300 x 400 mm
Feeder systemBowdenDirect drive

How do I make my TPU print smooth?

If the filament becomes too saturated with moisture in an overly humid environment such as near a coastline, then there might be print quality issues such as air pockets. Fortunately, this can be fixed by drying TPU in a food dehydrator or a low temperature oven.

Is printing TPU toxic?

Is TPU safe? TPU filaments are not toxic and are generally safe in many applications depending on several factors, they are even used in biomedical cases. A TPU filament is a versatile compound and is commonly used in everyday lives.

Can a cr10 print flexible filament?

Introduction: Print Flexible Filament With Creality CR-10 – The BOWDEN Extruder on CR-10 is often not very functional in the printing of flexible materials, but with the appropriate changes, everything is possible.

How can I make TPU print faster?

Print TPU at incredible speeds (up to 100mm/s) – YouTube

Can Ender 3 print TPU?

Printing TPU on an Ender 3 is definitely doable and depending on what specific TPU filament you get and how flexible it is, you could certainly print it with the stock configuration, however, this is only possible up to a point since the more flexible TPUs will get stuck in the extruder gear.

Can you paint TPU filament?

Like other 3D printing materials, TPU filament can be painted using various types of paint like acrylic and spray paint. You can also get TPU filament in different colors and match it with paint to achieve a unique look.

Do you need direct drive to print TPU?

Direct Drive Extruder – Therefore an extruder with direct drive is advisable for 3D printing with TPU.

What settings should I use for TPU?

Print TemperatureBed Temperature
MatterHacker’s Pro TPU220 – 240o CRoom Temp to 40o C
NinjaFlex225 – 235O CRoom Temp to 40o C
Cheetah230 – 240o CRoom Temp to 40o C
Armadillo220 – 230o CRoom Temp to 40o C

How do you make a TPU?

How TPU is Produced? It is produced when a polyaddition reaction occurs between a diisocyanate and one or more diols in a specific way. The three basic raw materials required to produce a TPU are: A polyol or long-chain diol.

Can I use supports with TPU?

Just use your TPU extruder for both the model and the supports. You may have to tweak the support settings a bit. I never tried breakaway as support material for TPU, since for my parts TPU supports have been adequate so far.

How do I join TPU?

Methods of gluing Flexible Prints in TPU together! – YouTube

What is flexible filament?

Flexible filaments are materials with a blend of rigid plastic and rubber properties. This mix is called a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Thermoplastic elastomers behave in a similar way to rubber, and can be stretched and twisted to a large extent without breaking.

Is TPU filament hygroscopic?

TPU is highly hygroscopic, which means it absorbs a lot of moisture from the environment, and quite quickly. When this happens, the TPU polymeric chains break down as the material heats up, making it foamy and not smooth.

How do I print with Creality CR 10?

Creality CR-10 Calibration, Settings, and First Print! – YouTube

How fast can a CR10 V2 print?

The recommended printing speed for the Creality CR-10 is 50mm/s, and the CR-10 can print materials such as ABS, PLA and wood. These components had to be assembled independently.

Is Creality a good 3D printer?

However, the great support and solid output quality of this printer also make it easy-to-use. Whether you’re interested in buying your very first 3D printer or you’re looking to set up a fleet for manufacturing, the Creality Ender 3 Pro is one of the best 3D printers you can buy.

How can I speed up my CR10?

Faster CR10 Prints – YouTube

Can CR-10 print nylon?

you should not print nylon on the cr-10, just please dont. Okay thank you, but what “upgrades” do you need? The issue with nylon is twofold (I know as I have printed with nylon many times, with mixed results). Pure Nylon requires a much higher temp to extrude than the stock hot end allows.

How fast can CR-10 V3 print?

ModelCr-10 V3
Max. print speed180 mm 7.09 in /s
Dimensions420 × 550 × 650 mm 16.54 × 21.65 × 25.59 in
Heated print bedYes
Heated build chamberNo

What size filament does the CR 10 use?

Min. Layer Thickness:0.1 mm (in some cases 0.05 mm)
Nozzle Diameters:0.2 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.4 mm
Printing Speed:≤200 mm/s
Compatible filaments:PLA, TPU, Wood, Copper, Rubber
Standard Print Size:300 x 300 x 400 mm

Does a cr10 v3 have a bootloader?

The Melzi board contained in the Creality CR-10 does not come pre-flashed with a bootloader. A bootloader is what enables us to write firmware over usb.

How fast can the cr6 SE print?

CR-6 SE 3D Printer Technical specifications: – Print Speed: 180mm / s (max), 60-100mm / s (normal) Print Volume: 235 * 235 * 250 mm. Precision: 0.1 mm. Layer Thickness: 0.1 – 0.5 mm.

Can CR-10S Pro V2 print abs?

3D Printing ABS on the CR10? Building a 3D Printer Enclosure …

What is better for 3d printing PLA or ABS?

ABS has superior mechanical properties to PLA, as well as being more durable and lighter, though it’s harder to print with. This material is better able to deflect heat than PLA and nylon, but it’s absolutely not completely heat resistant.

How do you print abs in Ender 3?

Here’s the short version: To print ABS on an Ender 3 you need to set the printing temperature between 230°C and 240°C, the bed temperature to 100°C, turn off the part cooling fan, and apply some glue stick to the build surface in order to improve adhesion and prevent warping.


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