Is there a shortage of 3D printer filament?

In discussions with AON3D, a 3D printer company with a wide view of the filament / thermoplastics market: “There is a plastics supply chain shortage coming down the pipeline and it’s already hitting some of the filament raw material suppliers.”

Why is PLA filament so expensive?

The cost of a polymer plays the leading role in the overall price of the filament. Each comes from a different source and requires various techniques to prepare. The quality of a polymer can also be reduced by impurities, which are common when it is prepared by cheaper methods.

How much is a filament extruder?

According to the designer, this filament extruder should cost around $600 to build, which isn’t bad compared to many other extruders on this list.

How much filament does a 3D printer use?

For each print, it can easily take around 1-3% of your 1KG spool of filament. One 3D printer user described that in 5,000 hours of printing in the past year, they had gone through 30KG of filament with near constant printing. Based on those numbers, that is 166 printing hours for every KG of filament.

Is 3D print filament expensive?

You can expect to pay approximately $30 and $45 per kilogram for ASA 3D printing filament.

Does 3D printer filament have a shelf life?

Typically, PLA Filament has a shelf life of about 2-3 years. This means you can buy it, store it in a cool, dry, and dark place in its original packaging (to prevent moisture), and still be able to print with it almost 3 years later. Keep in mind that after 2 years the print quality may start to degrade.

What happens when PLA expires?

Moisture absorbed PLA filament will present with certain features that will tell you immediately that something is wrong. 3D printer damage, weaker 3D prints, and poor 3D print quality are the three main features of an expired PLA filament.

Does PLA need to be kept dry?

PLA filament needs to be dried before use, as does all 3D printing filament. Of course, it’s best to keep the filament dry at all times, but if it gets wet somehow, you will need to dry or cure it before you can use it again. The reason is that moist PLA filament will swell and change in texture.

How long does PLA last inside?

PLA prints kept and used indoors will last virtually forever if they are not used to sustain heavy mechanical loads. Based on anecdotal evidence, an object made of PLA will at least 15 years when kept indoors. Under these conditions, You should have no problem with gifts and decorative items printed with PLA.

How do I know if my 3D printer filament is bad?

  1. Damaged Printer Extruder. Your 3D printer’s extruder is the device that feeds your PETG filament through the printing nozzle.
  2. Faster Material Deterioration.
  3. Lowered Tensile Strength.
  4. Reduced Quality 3D Prints.


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