What is Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing?

Abstract: Wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) is a fusion manufacturing process in which the heat energy of an electric arc is employed for melting the electrodes and depositing material layers for wall formation or for simultaneously cladding two materials in order to form a composite structure. What is arc in manufacturing? Arc welding is a … Read more

How to 3D Print Video Game Characters?

Can you 3d print models from games? How do you model a video game character? Get a general idea. Figure out the kind of character the story needs. Establish backstory. A strong backstory is pertinent to building a good character. Figure out their arc. Add character traits. Define relationships. Provide an aesthetic that fits. How … Read more

How to Convert STL to Gcode for 3D Printing?

Install a Slicing Program. To print out a 3D CAD Model, you have to convert an STL to G-code for 3D printing. Add your 3D Printer within the Slicer. Draw or download a 3D Model to Print. Open the STL File and Prepare the Printer Settings. Slice the Part and Get the G-code for Printing. … Read more

Where Can I Buy 3D Printer Filament in Belgium?

Waar kan ik iets laten 3D printen? Als u een 3D object uit wilt laten printen, dan kunt u gebruik maken de services van 3D Fabriek. Het werkt vrij eenvoudig, het enige wat u hoeft te doen is uw 3D model te uploaden en wij printen het object in 3D uit. Vervolgens sturen wij uw … Read more