What are the different types of direct energy deposition process?

  • Laser Directed Energy Deposition.
  • Arc Directed Energy Deposition.
  • Electron Beam Directed Energy Deposition.

How does metal deposition work?

Direct Metal Deposition – Metal powder is then blown into this melt pool, where it also melts. The laser moves along to create a moving melt pool, and behind it, the molten mix solidifies. This manufacturing technique is used for the low-cost build, repair, hard facing, and reconfiguration of forging dies.

How many deposition techniques are there?

In order to obtain thin films with good quality, there are two common deposition techniques: physical and chemical depositions.

What are the feedstock used in direct energy deposition?

Feedstock typically comprises either powder or wire. Deposition typically occurs either under inert gas (arc systems or laser) or in vacuum (EB systems). Although these are the predominant methods employed in practice, the use of other energy sources, feedstocks, and atmospheres may also fall into this category.

How does ion beam deposition work?

During the ion beam deposition process, an ion source is used to sputter a target, and the sputtered material is deposited onto a substrate. The ions possess equal energy, making the process monoenergetic and highly collimated. In a typical configuration, an IBD system features the ion source, a target and a substrate.


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