What are the disadvantages of material extrusion?

  • Visible layer lines.
  • The extrusion head must continue moving, or else the material bumps up.
  • Supports may be required.
  • Poor part strength along Z-axis (perpendicular to build platform)
  • Finer resolution and wider area increases print time.

What are the disadvantages of extrusion?

  • Low force required compare to cold working.
  • Easy to work in hot form.
  • The product is free from stain hardening.

What are the types of extrusion?

  • Direct (or forward) extrusion. This method employs a power operated ram and a container into which the metal is kept for confinement.
  • Indirect (or backward) extrusion.
  • Tube extrusion.
  • Impact extrusion.
  • Hydraulic extrusion.

What materials can be extruded?

Commonly extruded materials include metals, polymers, ceramics, concrete, modelling clay, and foodstuffs. Products of extrusion are generally called extrudates.

What is the process of extrusion?

Extrusion is a process where a material undergoes plastic deformation by the application of a force causing that material to flow through an orifice or die. The material adopts the cross-sectional profile of the die and if the material has suitable properties, that shape is retained in the final extrudate.

How many types of extrusion process are?

Although hot extruded material is greatly preferred, hot extrusion has a couple of limitations associated with it that are the cost of extrusion machines and their maintenance. There are two different two types of hot extrusion are as follows.

How do you improve extrusion process?

  1. Adjust feed throat temperature.
  2. Maintain a consistent regrind form.
  3. Cool screws when processing polymers to minimize degradation.

How accurate is extrusion?

Aluminium extrusions are produced with dimensions accurate within hundredths of thousandths of a mm which in most cases is more than ample degree of precision.

What are design considerations for the extrusion process?

  • Regular wall thickness. Always try to achieve an even wall thickness in your extrusion design.
  • Limit detail in hollow profiles.
  • Avoid hollows in hollows.
  • Provide good access for internal detail.
  • Length tolerances.
  • Mating parts.
  • Clear plastic profiles.
  • Flexible profile designs.

What are the factors that affect the extrusion force?

Factors that affect the quality of extrusion are die design, extrusion ratio, billet temperature, lubrication, and extrusion speed.

What is the difference between direct and indirect extrusion?

The direct extrusion press pushes the billet through a fixed container and die via the press ram. On the other hand, in the indirect extrusion process the billet is fixed while the die is pushed into the container holding the billet.

What are the types of plastic extrusion?

  • Tubing Extrusion. This extrusion type is used for the extrusion of tubes and pipes.
  • Blow Film Extrusion. This type is used for the production of plastic films tubes through a continuous sheeting.
  • Sheet Film Extrusion.
  • Over Jacket Extrusion.

What is metal extrusion process?

Metal extrusion is a forming process in which we force a metal (either hot or cold) through a die. This imparts the die shape to the extruded metal as it passes through the cavity. The material emerging from the die is known as “extrudate”. The metal endures compressive and shear stress to achieve the die shape.

What are the differences between polymer and metal extrusions?

Extrusion of polymers (in contrast to extrusion of metals) is continuous process lasting as long as raw pellets are supplied. Extrusion is used mainly for Thermoplastics, but Elastomers and Thermosets are also may be extruded. In this case cross-linking forms during heating and melting of the material in the extruder.


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