What can a 1600mW laser cut?

  • Laser Cutting – Laser cuts many kinds of thin materials: wood, leather, cardboard and more.
  • Full Compatibility – Interchangeable with the 3D Printing Module, Laser Engraving Module (200mW) and CNC Carving Module.

What will a 1600 MW laser cut?

The laser cutting upgrade module for the Snapmaker 3-in-1 has a 1600mW laser which is suitable for cutting materials such as plastics, wood, leather, cardboard and more. Combine it with the enclosure upgrade for reduced noise and additional safety features.

How powerful is the Snapmaker laser?

Meanwhile, the work speed of the 10W Laser Module can be as high as 6000 mm/min, while cutting through basswoods as thick as 8 mm. To put that into perspective, the cutting speed is up to 8 times that of the 1.6W Laser Module. It can literally fulfill a laser job in a blink of an eye.

Can the Snapmaker cut through acrylic?

The CNC machining module turns the Snapmaker 2.0 3-in-1 into a powerful machining machine with which the user can carve or cut hardwood, PCB, acrylic, POM, carbon fibre sheet and many other materials.

What kind of laser does Snapmaker use?

The 10W Laser Module is compatible with all models of the Snapmaker 2.0 series apart from the 150 models, and will be compatible with upcoming machines. You can use it with the addons as well, including the Rotary Module, Emergency Stop Button, Air Purifier, and CAN Hub.

How do you laser a Snapmaker?

Snapmaker 2.0: How to Use the Laser via Work Origin

Can the Snapmaker cut wood?

You can engrave on dozens of materials like plywood, leather, fabric, acrylic, bamboo, MDF, hardwood, cardboard, paper, and even food like cookies! For laser cutting, you can cut through cardboard, plywood, acrylic, and other materials with similar properties.

How do you use Snapmaker?

Snapmaker 2.0: How to Use the 3D Printing Function

Can Snapmaker 2.0 engrave metal?

Can Snapmaker 2.0 engrave or cut metal? Neither the 1.6W Laser Module nor the CNC Module of Snapmaker 2.0 can engrave or cut metal. But with our newly released 10W High Power Laser Module, you’re able to engrave metals.

How do you engrave a water bottle?

How To Laser Engrave 32 oz. Polar Camel Water Bottles

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