What can I make and sell with Glowforge?

  • “Enamel” Pins. A lot my illustrations are pretty line-based.
  • Hotel Keytags. Have you noticed that hotel keytags are back?
  • Fine Art Inlays.
  • Utilitarian Things like Ring Sizers.
  • Acrylic Cocktail Stirrers.

Can Glowforge engrave rings?

Use an enormous range of materials like leather, hardwoods, vibrant acrylics, engraved metals, and even paper. Capture a loved one’s photo or signature and engrave a pendant to keep them close. Engrave personal details – like names or dates – to transform something off-the-shelf into something one-of-a-kind.

Can you make acrylic earrings on Glowforge?

How to Make Multi-Colored Acrylic Earrings | Glowforge Tutorial

Can you cut metal on Glowforge?

Can Glowforge cut metal? Glowforge can etch some metals, like anodized aluminum, directly. Other metals, like stainless steel, work best if you spray them first with a product such as Cermark. Glowforge is not equipped to cut or engrave copper, silver, brass, or gold.

How do you make wooden earrings with Glowforge?

Making Paper and Wood Earrings with a Glowforge

How do you make leather earrings with Glowforge?

Using My Glowforge to Make Leather Earrings

How do you make plexiglass earrings?

Making Acrylic Earrings with Glowforge & Silhouette (Plant Lady …

Can I cut vinyl with Glowforge?

Unfortunately, no. Vinyl is not laser safe because it is made with PVC. When PVC is cut, it releases hydrochloric acid which will corrode the inside of your Glowforge.

Can you eat laser cut food?

Thinking about making laser engraved food with your Glowforge? Go for it! But, don’t eat it! That’s right – in most cases, it wouldn’t be safe to eat the food you’ve engraved with your Glowforge.

Can I cut vinyl stickers with a laser cutter?

The short answer: Sure you “can” process PVC and vinyls in a CO2 laser. You can also cut your toenails with a circular power saw.

Can you use a laser cutter to cut vinyl?

Vinyl, one of the most widely used plastics, produces harmful fumes when burnt. Although it is an easy material to be laser-cut, laser-cutting vinyl is considered unsafe. It produces toxic chlorine gas and hydrochloric acid, which can be hazardous to the operator and also cause damage to the laser cutter.

Is laser dust carcinogenic?

Exposure to carcinogens. – All in all exposure to laser fumes is a serious hazard and could lead to serious illness or death.

Does Glowforge need exhaust?

The Glowforge air filter sits underneath the machine and vents it, eliminating the need for any outside venting. The cartridge that goes inside Glowforge’s Air Filter is not yet available but expected to be less than $250. I have no first hand experience with the Glowforge’s Air Filter, so learn more about this here.

How do you vent laser fumes?

It is very important to vent the fumes from the laser up and away from your building, so the stack should rise 2′ to 3′ over the highest part of the roof.

Is laser cutting acrylic safe?

While many plastics are banned from laser cutting, acrylic is approved safe and works wonderfully under a laser.


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