What companies use 3D printing?

1. Aerospace: Airbus. Airbus is a global trailblazer in the field of 3D printing. The company has been working in this field for over15 years, initially with a focus on plastics and rapid prototyping.

What are companies using 3D printing for?

For example, Porsche is using 3D printing to produce replacement parts for classic cars, and Bugatti is applying metal 3D printing to produce parts like titanium brake callipers for the Bugatti Chiron car. More recently, Bugatti collaborated with APWORKS on 3D-printed exhaust finishers, also for the Bugatti Chiron.

Who are the customers for 3D printing?

The education sector, schools and universities, are also buying significant numbers of consumer-level 3D printers. Many 3D printer vendors have noticed this and are targeting schools with projects such as Makerbot Academy and Ultimaker Create.

Which industries will benefit the most from 3D printing?

  • Real materials and real parts.
  • Hands-on learning.
  • Saving costs.
  • ENGINEERING. Engineers can use 3D printing to design or make prototypes.
  • ARCHITECTURE. 3D printing allows architects bring their vision and design to life.

How does the automotive industry use 3D printing?

With 3D printing, automotive designers can quickly fabricate a prototype of a physical part or assembly, from a simple interior element to a dashboard or even a scale model of an entire car. Rapid prototyping enables companies to turn ideas into convincing proofs of concept.

Which industry has been most affected by 3D modeling?

  • Gaming. One of the best-known uses of 3D models is in the area of gaming.
  • Entertainment.
  • Architecture.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Publishing.
  • Advertising and Marketing.
  • Geology and Science.
  • HealthCare.


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