What dissolves PLA best?

Ethyl acetate is an ethyl acetate formed from acetic acid and ethanol. This chemical compound performs well in dissolving PLA.

What will dissolve PLA plastic?

PLA can be dissolved by solvents such as acetone, ethyl acetate, methyl ethyl ketone, tetrahydrofuran and caustic soda (sodium hydroxide). This allows cleaning of 3D printer nozzles, smoothing PLA prints and dissolving PLA support structures.

Does acetone dissolve PLA filament?

Acetone is able to partially melt PLA, but it won’t dissolve; instead it will make the PLA sticky and soft, so I would normally use acetone for smoothing print layers.

How do you remove thin PLA from a print bed?


How do you remove PLA stuck on a build plate?

Simple Method for removing sticky 3d-printed Objects from the Build …

How do you get melted plastic off a 3D printer?

  1. Step 1) Heat up the extruder​ Bring the hot end up to temperature, this will melt the plastic solidified against the hot end and make it much easier to remove.
  2. Step 2) Use pliers to remove the blob​
  3. Step 3) Use a brass brush to get the last bits​


A Detailed Look at Dissolvable Supports and 3D Printing

Does Acetone also work for welding and smoothing PLA 3D …

SMOOTHING 3D prints with isopropyl alcohol

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