What does 95A mean TPU?

Ultimaker TPU 95A (thermoplastic polyurethane) is a flexible material, making it ideal for applications that demand chemical resistance and the qualities of rubber and plastic.

Is NinjaFlex a TPU 95A?

NinjaFlex has a shore hardness of 85A, making it extremely flexible and squishy. The company says its proprietary technology enables a low-tack, easy-to-feed texture ideal for direct-drive extruders. The material has abrasion and chemical resistance and results in consistent printed parts.

What is TPU Shore hardness?

Shore is one method of measuring hardness. On a Shore hardness scale, TPU’s can be categorized into A (flexible type) and D (rigid type). On both A and D scales, the range is from 0 (soft) to 100 (hard). Therefore, HATCHBOX’s Shore 95A grade denotes it to be a hard, highly resilient, and reliable material.

How hard is 60 Shore?

50 Shore DSolid truck tyres
75 Shore DHard hat (typically HDPE)
80 Shore DCast urethane plastic
60 Shore DGolf balls
80 Shore DPaper-making rolls

What does 70 Shore A mean?

A 70A rubber (as hard as a car tire) is stiff and would not offer enough flexibility to extract this model without breaking it. A better choice would be a Shore 30A rubber or softer that would offer enough flexibility to easily extract the model.

Which is harder 70 or 90 durometer?

The hardness of rubber compounds is measured by the Shore A durometer; the higher the durometer, the harder the compound. 70-durometer hardness should be used whenever possible as it offers the best combination of properties for most O-Rings applications.

What is the difference between Shore A and Shore D?

The higher the number on the scale, the harder the material. The major differentiation between the Shore A and Shore D is that Shore A is specified to measure flexible rubbers while Shore D is specified for harder, rigid materials. However, the ranges do tend to overlap at higher levels.


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