What does a filament dry box do?

A filament dry box is a storage solution that encloses your filament in a moisture-free environment to prevent the spool from absorbing water from the air.

Is a filament dry box necessary?

Though it is not totally necessary to store PLA filament in a dry box, leaving open spools of filament out to deal with ambient conditions on their own, will always be a bad idea.

Is it important to keep PLA filament dry?

PLA filament needs to be dry to ensure a smooth 3D printing process. Ideally, this would mean that your storage area is dry enough to not let enough humidity in for the PLA to absorb. With plastic bags, silica packs, and dry boxes, you can achieve this.

Does PLA really absorb moisture?

PLA. PLA is an organic material that readily absorbs moisture, and is extremely sensitive to trace water content. Moisture also affects the diameter of the filament when it in storage.

When should you dry filament?

Temperatures for Drying Filament – For example, PLA filament has a glass transition temperature of about 60°C, therefore a good temperature to dry PLA is between 40°C and 50°C. [2] ABS, on the other hand, has a higher glass transition temperature (105°C) so can be dried at a higher temperature.

What is a 3D printer dry box?

What is a drybox? A drybox keeps the filament dry during printing and also protects the filament from dust. A 3D printer with our Multi-Material Upgrade not only allows you to print from filaments of different colors but also gives you the opportunity to print with different kinds of materials.

How should you store filaments?

Store your filament spools in transparent storage boxes with sealed lids. Use a cheap renewable dehumidifier to absorb any remaining moisture inside the boxes.

How should PLA filament be stored?

To ensure your PLA and ABS filament remains dry, just return them to a sealed bag with dessiccant after use. The dessiccant will prevent/slow the material from absorbing moisture. Nylon and more sensitive materials should be stored in an actively dried container.

How do you store PLA filament DIY?

How to Make a DIY 3D Printer Filament Storage Box [Fix For Brittle …

How do you use a filament dryer?

Nylon~80°C (or highest available temperature)

How do you keep homemade filament dry?

Keep Filament Dry While Printing! How to Make Cheap, Simple DIY …

How do I keep moisture out of my filament?

Filament is best kept dry in vacuum bags, a dry box or cabinet or a specialized 3D filament box. You can put it in a food dehydrator or an oven to dry it. A moisture-free environment is ideal for keeping your filament dry. Using desiccants in an enclosed area is the best method.

How long should a dehydrator filament be?

To dry filament, you can use a specialized filament dryer by setting the required temperature and drying for about 4-6 hours. You can also use an oven or a vacuum bag with desiccant packs. A DIY airtight container also works well, and a food dehydrator is another great option.

Can you store PLA in the open?

PLA is fairly resistant to moisture and may print perfectly fine after years in the open air, provided that it’s being stored in a room with fairly dry conditions.

How do you dry filaments without an oven?

Just set the temperature to right below the glass transition temperature of the plastic, and leave it in there for four to six hours for the moisture to evaporate. The longer you leave it, the drier it’ll get. Suitable target temperatures for some of the most common filaments are the following: PLA: 40-45 °C.

Are 3D printer filament dryers worth it?

Ready-made filament dryers may be worth the price if you live in humid areas, 3D print often, and are willing to invest in it. These also have extra, useful features. However, some alternatives work just as well but may involve more effort or are inaccurate.

Which filament dryer is best?

  • SUNLU Filament Dryer. Above: SUNLU Filament Dryer.
  • PolyMaker PolyBox. Above: The PolyMaker PolyBox/Image Source:
  • eSun Aibecy eBOX. eSUN comes with the printing of a 3D filament dryer box.
  • Chefman Food Dehydrator.
  • PrintDry Filament Dryer PRO.

What temperature do you dehydrate PLA at?

Oven Drying – DIYers and professional 3D printers still utilize oven baking to get the moisture out of ABS and PLA filament. The drying process is similar to baking your favorite thanksgiving turkey. Just place your filament spool inside an oven and set it at the right temperature: 104 to 113°F (40 – 45 °C) for PLA.

How long does it take for 3D printing to dry?

Many 3D printing enthusiasts buy food dehydrators as a designated dryer for their PETG filaments. With the temperature set at 70°C (158°F), you can expect wet filament to dry out in less than 6 hours.


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