What filament does the Elegoo Neptune 2 use?

Elegoo Cura Extra Fast Settings for the Elegoo Neptune 2 – Using the Extra Fast setting (which uses a . 3mm layer line, double the thickness of the Normal setting), I prepared the Eruptron the Volcano Dragon model by Makerbot and printed the model using Begonva Galaxy Purple PLA filament.

Does it matter what filament I use?

If the filament you’re using is not the same diameter as what the slicer is expecting, your print will not look as good as it should. In fact, it can lead to small holes, missing sections, too much filament in places, and other issues. So, it is important that the filament is as close to the spec as possible.

How fast can the Elegoo Neptune 2 print?

Layer Height0.3mm
Print Speed50mm/second
Extruder Temperature200 degrees Celsius (392 degrees Fahrenheit)
Heated Bed Temp50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit)
Print Time4 Hours, 36 Minutes

How do you replace PLA filaments?

  1. Step 1: Preheat your hot end based on the temperature guidelines of your current filament.
  2. Step 2: Wait until the hot end heats up to the required temperature.
  3. Step 3: Manually extrude a small portion of the filament.
  4. Step 4: Push down the coupling to release the filament from the hot end.

How do you unclog Neptune 2?

④ For clogged nozzles, try briefly heating the nozzle to 230°C and squeezing the filaments by hand to remove the clog, or use a fine needle to unclog the nozzle while it is warming up.

How do you change a filament CR 10 v2?

Creality Cr-10 How to Change Filament – 2 Different Ways – YouTube

How do you load a Neptune filament?

5 Tips for 3D Printing with the Elegoo Neptune 2 – YouTube

How do you change a Neptune 2 nozzle?

  1. 1) Pull the filament out before replacing the new Nozzle Assembly.
  2. 2) Cut the ties to facilitate the subsequent steps.
  3. 3) Unclock the 2 screws that fix the Cover.
  4. 4) Unclock the 2 screws which fix the Heat Dissipation Block.
  5. 5) Remove the Pneumatic Fitting and the Throat Tube.


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