What file types does Ultimaker Cura support?

What type of file does Ultimaker use?

File formats – The file format used for 3D printing on the Ultimaker 2+ Connect is . ufp, or Ultimaker Format Package. This package includes the sliced file (gcode), material information, and a preview of the 3D model. This file format is also used on Ultimaker S-line printers and the Ultimaker 3 series.

What type of STL file does Cura use?

Cura supports the following 3D file formats: 3MF, OBJ and STL. upported 2D images are: bmp, gif, jpg & png.

What is the file format we Export to print in Cura?

Cura can print a whole array of file types. . stl and . obj will print without alteration. The software also accepts .

Can Cura read STL files?

the STL opens in Cura without any issue, I guess it opend at your Cura also, but it’s so tiny that you hardly can see it on the print bed. I suppose it’s generated in cm or in inch, whereas Cura uses mm. If it was generated in cm, just scale it up to 1000%.

How do I import files into Ultimaker Cura?

Using the plug-in – The CAD import plug-in is completely integrated in the ‘open file’ menu. Simply locate your CAD files and it will be imported automatically. Tip: The plugin allows to load assemblies as grouped models directly into Ultimaker Cura.


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