What is 405 nm UV resin?

Rapid UV curing ensures the strength of printing parts and lowers the shrinkage rate. This resin provides you both high toughness and hardness prints. The general-purpose resin is compatible with most LCD printers on the market that use 405nm wavelength light.

Is UV cured resin waterproof?

HIGH QUALITY – Ultraviolet resin cures crystal clear, glassy and 100% waterproof finish while providing excellent scratch, stain and yellowing resistance. And its self leveling and self degassing characteristics help your crafting much more easier.

Is UV resin toxic to dogs?

Epoxy resin in itself is not considered toxic for dogs. But when mixed with hardener, the epoxy resin becomes toxic. When resin and hardener are mixed together, it becomes toxic to inhale as well as can have adverse health effects if your dog accidentally licks the mixture.

Is UV resin jewelry safe?

Craft ultraviolet resin is generally considered safer than epoxy, which Thomas uses, and comes with more safety precautions.

What type of resin is Anycubic?

Anycubic offers several different resins for the Photon, but this one’s our favorite. Anycubic’s Eco Resin is made from soybean oil, making it eco-friendly.

What happens if you get 3D resin on your hands?

Irritating to the skin and respiratory system: You should never expose your bare skin to the liquid chemicals of 3D printing resin. They can create contact dermatitis, which is a surface rash that could develop into an allergy if you expose yourself to resin for long periods of time.


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