What is ASA filament used for?

Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate (ASA) is a synthetic, amorphous thermoplastic that works best in material extrusion printing. It is a high impact material that can be used to produce functional parts for automotive applications, electronics, tooling, and more.

Is ASA more heat resistant than ABS?

ASA filament has a higher temperature resistance to traditional ABS filaments, which offers both a distinct advantage and disadvantage. First, ASA is well suited to applications that require better heat resistance, such as heat-stressed components.

Can you paint ASA filament?

Specific painting recommendations may vary depending on the ASA filament. ASA plastics can be painted with acrylic and enamel based paints. Removing layer lines and model clean up are recommended before painting.

What filament won’t melt in the sun?

PLA’s melting temperature is at around 160°C to 180°C, meaning that it will never melt in the sun, regardless of where you live. Nonetheless PLA is less resistant to heat than other filaments like ABS, PET or PETG, and is usually not recommended for uses that require prolonged exposure to the outdoors and the sun.

What temp can ASA withstand?

Also, ASA (compared to PLA and PET) has a very high temperature resistance – up to 93 °C.

How hard is it to print ASA?

ASA is relatively easy to print and affordable, making it great for iterative design. Due to its strength properties and UV resistance, ASA can be used to produce functional prototypes, including: Molded components for Auto, Marine, and RV applications.


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