What is continuous 3D printing?

The company offer a Continuous Build 3D printer with a scalable print capacity which is able to produce parts continuously on a grid of build of build units, without compromising on FDM’s reputation for repeatability and reliability.

How long can a 3D printer run continuously?

Printers are generally able to run up to a couple days for a print, my longest print has been 16 hours so far. I think you’ll run into issues with bed adhesion way before you have any problems with the printer itself. Hope this helps!

Can I pause my 3D printer overnight?

It is possible to pause your 3D printer for as long as you want, as long as the 3D print stays in place and isn’t removed from the bed or jolted. There may be a mismatch on the layer depending on how well the printer resumes. People usually pause a 3D printer for a few minutes to a few hours.

Does a 3D printer need to rest?

There shouldn’t be any problem if every part runs properly. If you are planning on printing something that takes more than 20 hours to print, check before that everything works, because a failed print after 18 hours of filament consumption is not a very nice thing.

How long will an Ender 3 Pro last?

With proper use and maintenance, an Ender 3 should last you at least 5 years of printing, up to 10+ years. Your 3D printer lifespan will depend on how well you maintain it and how often you use it. Regular cleaning, replacements and careful use of your 3D printer will maximize lifespan and 3D printing hours.

How strong are carbon fiber 3D prints?

Carbon Fiber is a stiff and strong fiber that behaves like 6061 Aluminum, so it can be used for lightweight components that support heavy loads. This 3D printed carbon fiber can match the strength of aluminum when continuous. Both are supporting a 27.5 lb load.


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