What is in photopolymer resin?

Liquid photopolymer resins contain monomers, oligomers and photoinitiators that polymerize when exposed to UV light. As defined above, the 3D printing process cures the photopolymer to form solid objects with specified mechanical properties.

Is photopolymer resin hazardous?

Photopolymer plastic – In its liquid form, 3D printing resin is non toxic if ingested (though please don’t). Though non-toxic, liquid 3D printing resin is classified a sensitizer. This means that if you are exposed to it for long enough, you may develop mild allergic reactions to it.

Is it safe to touch resin?

Never touch resin until it has fully cured and hardened. Resin is only safe to touch with the skin when it is hard and dry after being under either UV light or heat for a period of time. Avoid resin contacting the skin and eyes, as well as any objects and surfaces that should not be covered in resin.

Are photopolymers plastic?

Photopolymers continue to be one of the larger groups of plastic materials purchased for use in 3D printing. Known as thermoset plastics, photopolymers cure (harden) with exposure to some type of light source.

What is photo polymer plastic?

Photopolymers come in the form of a liquid that solidifies (polymerises) within seconds when exposed to UV light of a specific wavelength. The hardness of the cured polymer depends on the chemistry and can range from soft rubber-like to hard plastic.

What is photopolymer plate?

Simply put, a photopolymer plate is a sheet of polymer with one side that is light sensitive. The digitally created design is transferred to a photo negative that is placed on top of the sheet of polymer. It is then exposed to light in a controlled exposing unit.


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