What is polycast made of?

PolyCast™ – a 3D Printing Filament for Metal Casting

What is PolyCast material?

Material Introductions – PolyCast™

How do you use polycast filaments?

PolyCast™ – a 3D Printing Filament for Metal Casting

What material is PolySmooth?

PolySmooth (PVB) is a filament created by Polymaker to obtain a glossy and smooth finish when exposed to isopropyl alcohol or ethanol, but maintaining balanced mechanical properties and being easy to print.

How do you make smooth PLA?

To sand a PLA print, start with a rough quality sandpaper like 100 grit and sand down all the layer lines and areas you want smooth. Use the next size like 200 grit to sand it again, and keep repeating the process while you work your way up to finer sandpaper sheets.

How do you make a wax seal stamp for a 3D printer?

DIY: How-to Make & Use a Wax Stamp

What temperature does PLA burn out at?

To burn the PLA from the mold you should heat the PLA more than 400ºC, remember that plaster has a very low thermal conductivity, so this process will take a long time and is always better to let the mold more hours in this step to assure that all the PLA was burned out.

What is ceramic shell casting?

The ceramic shell casting process starts with wax injection. A die, or tool, is filled with wax, injected in a liquid or a paste form, so it flows into the detail of the mold. Once cooled, the wax piece, or pattern, is removed from the die. ​ Several wax patterns are attached to a wax pole, or sprue.

How do you make reusable mold for aluminum casting?

Simple Method for Metal Casting


3D Printing wax (Machinablewax.com filament testing)

Wax 3d Printer Filament Review-MachinableWax Print2Cast …

Print2Cast Wax Filament

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