What is the best primer for PLA?

What paint works best on PLA plastic?

The most common ones are oils, enamels, lacquers, and acrylics, most of which will work well with both ABS and PLA. As a newbie, you’d be wise to stick to acrylic paints since they dry fast and can be cleaned with water.

Does PLA filament color matter?

The team learned some interesting things, such as the fact that the red PLA had the highest elastic modulus, yield strength, and ultimate tensile strength, while pink had the lowest numbers for these. But, pink had the highest toughness and influence on strain, while blue had the lowest.

Does clear primer exist?

Functionally matte varnish/clear primer works like a normal colored primer. It adheres to the base material well and provides a good surface for the paint to bond to. The flat finish on matte primers gives you a close approximation to the finish on matte primer.

How can I make my 3D printer look shiny?

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