What is the difference between a Cartesian and Delta type printer?

Since a Cartesian printer’s heads move linearly, the largest object a typical Cartesian printer can build is usually in the shape of a rectangle. In other words, there are corners, including the 0,0 origin point. A Delta printer does not move linearly, so its natural shape is a circle.

What is Cartesian printer?

Cartesian printers use Cartesian coordinates to map out where to print, whereas polar printers use a polar coordinate grid. Informally, the term “Cartesian” is most often used to describe printers that aren’t delta and SCARA printers. Think square or boxlike frames with linear rails.

What is a Prusa printer?

The Prusa i3 series consists of open-source fused deposition modeling 3D printers, manufactured by Czech company Prusa Research under the trademarked name Original Prusa i3. Part of the RepRap project, Prusa i3 printers were named the most used 3D printer in the world.

What is a desktop 3D printer?

A desktop 3D printer is a small 3D printer that’s able to build objects from raw material. They are known as “desktop 3D printers” because they fit on the surface of a typical desk. They don’t require a large and open space. Rather, desktop 3D printers are small and compact.

What are Delta printers good for?

Delta printers are built for fast printing, with heavy motors and extruders fixed on the sides and top. The toolhead is kept very light and minimal so that the printer can maintain high accuracy at high speeds. The bed of a delta printer is usually circular instead of rectangular, and it never has to move.


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