What is Z hopping 3D printing?

Z Hop at Retraction. The specified z hop value is the distance the nozzle gets lifted away from the surface of the model during retraction. This helps prevent nozzle from scratching again the printed part when traveling across.

How do you use Z hop?

Using Z Hop in Cura for the CR6-SE | Making Flush Inlays

Can Z hop cause stringing?

But does Z-Hop cause stringing? Z-hop can cause stringing when there is excess printing material on the nozzle when it travels between surfaces on your object. To prevent this, you can adjust the Z-Hop settings for speed and distance or lower the temperature of your printer. You also need to keep your nozzle clean.

What should my Z hop height be?

I like my z hop to be around 2 layers high so as I do the majority of my printing in 0.2 my z hop is set to 0.4. On my cr10 with 0.6 nozzle that I use for larger/draft prints I do a lot of 0.3mm layers, the z hop is set to 0.5 on that printer.

Should Z hop be enabled?

Z-Hop prevents scratching and excess printing, but it also increases your print time. When Z-Hop is not enabled, excess printing material will come off the nozzle as it drags along the printed object instead of in the air across the object.

Should I have Z hop when retracted on?

Z-hop when retracted – This prevents the nozzle from hitting the object or leaving “blobs” or scratches on the print surface. Please note that for prints with lots of retractions/travel moves, this can increase the print time.

What does Z hop speed mean?

Z-hop is an option for travel moves. When the printer stops extruding in one area and moves to another you can elect to have the nozzle jump up by an adjustable amount. That allows it to clear high spots in infill or warping feather edges that might get hit by the nozzle. The Zhop speed is also an option.

Where is Z hop in Prusa slicer?

Z Hop override – Under the Printer Settings > Etruder 1 > Retraction: Here you’ll see Lift Z: is set to 0.4mm by default, however this is overridden by the filament settings. Go to Filament Settings > Filament Overrides > Retraction: Now tick the Lift Z checkbox and set the Z Hop height your require.

How do I reduce travel time Cura?

Make sure “maximum retraction count” is 10 or greater and “minimum extrusion distance window” is less than 5. Make sure “retraction minimum travel” is less than 5mm. Check “max comb distance with no retract”. Not sure if the latest cura has this setting only the burtoogle versions.


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