What kind of resin is Anycubic?

Anycubic offers several different resins for the Photon, but this one’s our favorite. Anycubic’s Eco Resin is made from soybean oil, making it eco-friendly.

Is Anycubic UV resin toxic?

Is Anycubic Resin Toxic? Anycubic resin is a plant-based resin that is used for 3D printing. It is not as toxic as compared to other resins, but still toxic as a resin. Although the Anycubic Plant-Based Eco Resin has a low-odor, you still want to avoid contact with skin.

Why is uncured resin toxic?

They can create contact dermatitis, which is a surface rash that could develop into an allergy if you expose yourself to resin for long periods of time. Resins also naturally give off fumes, and unless you work in a well-ventilated area, molecules from the fumes will get into your lungs and cause irritation there, too.

Is Anycubic plant-based resin non toxic?

Anycubic Plant-based Resins – No VOCs, no BPA, no harmful chemicals. Optimized curing time for Anycubic Photon, offering better printing quality. Sensitive to 355nm~405nm UV light.

Is UV resin carcinogenic?

The UV resin used in 3D printing is very toxic to humans and the environment. You must protect your entire body and the environment when handling resin. Disposal must also be done properly to avoid contamination and harm to humans and nature. Cured UV resin is non-toxic and even food safe.


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