What mm size is Star Wars Legion?

The reference to Star Wars Legion being 35mm scale is not due to the height of the miniatures. The miniatures themselves are actually 40mm. The 35mm reference is due to the miniatures eye height, which is 35.7mm from the ground. Fun fact!

What size are Star Wars Legion bases?

The infantry bases are 27mm rounds. The circle bases are a perfect size match for the original game bases. The speeder bases are 50mm notched flight stands with peg and peg topper to attach to the bottom of your model.

How tall are Star Wars Legion figures?

The distance from the ground to the eyes is 1 13/32″ or 35.7mm (this is why Legion is called 35mm scale even though the minis are 40mm). 1678.2mm / 35.7mm is very close to 47, therefore the scale of Star Wars Legion is 1/47. We also know the scale height of the storm trooper is 1 17/32″ or 38.89mm.

How tall are D&D Minis?

The size of their figures typically categorizes D&D miniature games: tiny (less than an inch), small (about an inch or two tall), medium (a little over three inches tall) and large-scale (>four to six inches).

What is ion in Star Wars Legion?

The ion x keyword is used to force enemy units to gain ion tokens. A vehicle that suffers wounds after defending against an attack that includes a weapon that has the ion x keyword gains x ion tokens. At the start of a unit’s activation, if that unit has one or more ion tokens, it loses one action for each ion token.

How does cover work in Legion?

Legion – Cover Tutorial

How does deflect work in Legion?

The deflect keyword allows a unit to gain additional benefits from spending dodge tokens. ) results; additionally, if the attack is ranged, the attacker suffers one wound for each surge result rolled by the defender during the “Roll Defense Dice” step.

How do you play Star Wars Legion?

How to play Star Wars Legion. Perfect place to start for beginners.


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