What size filament does MYNT3D use?

Battery powered, charges with Micro USB (note: AC adapter not included) works with 1.75mm PCL filament (not compatible with ABS or PLA)

What filament does the MYNT3D pen use?

Both ABS and PLA filament are suitable for use in the MYNT3D professional 3D printing pen.

How do I replace mynt3d pen nozzle?

MYNT3D 3D pen How to Remove the Nozzle and Service Door

How do I use my 3D pen on mynt3d?

Making 3D Pen Sphericons with the Mynt3D Super 3D Pen

How do I put the filament in MYNT3D pen?

Press and hold, or double click the feed button to load filament into the pen.

Are 3D pens supposed to smoke?

If you see smoke or bubbling in the filament, the temperature is too high. If the filament seems thick and slow, it is likely that the temperature is too low.

How do I unclog mynt3d pen?

MYNT3D 3D Pen Troubleshooting Tip for Nozzle Clog

How do you clean the tip of a 3D pen?

3D Pen Faqs – Make sure your pen is turned on and fully heated up. Once it is, carefully remove the nozzle with the mini wrench. After it has been removed, insert the cleaning rod in through the pen tip while the reverse function is engaged. This should push the strand out of the back of the pen, thus clearing any clogs.

How do I change the color on my 3d pen?

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